First Parish Beverly

First Parish Beverly

Beverly, MA

In 2007 LDa completed a Master Plan for the First Parish Church, including the completion of an existing conditions survey, an interview of several congregants, and meeting with the church’s Building Task Force and other key stakeholders. Final recommendations addressing the needs of the church and phasing of construction were outlined in a complete Master Plan and presented to the congregation. The Master Plan became a road map for the church and helped them focus on specific needs for their capital campaign.

In 2008, First Parish called upon LDa to begin work on Phase 1 of the Master Plan. This phase addresses much needed remedial work to the existing structure, adding insulation in the exterior walls, window restoration, storm water management, improved accessibility, and repairs to the exterior finishes. This phase is important to the church to not only address the deficiencies of the building envelope, but will also refresh the façade and rekindle enthusiasm toward future phases of the Master Plan.


Architect: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Builder: Carr Enterprises, Inc.

Photographers: Bob Kramer Studio, James Mitchell

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