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  • Tracy Andrade, PHR
    Principal, Business Manager
    617 300 0001
    Tracy Andrade, PHR Principal, Business Manager

    Tracy is responsible for the complex day-to-day operations of the firm. Her major responsibilities include financial reporting, firm budgeting & planning, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management and all human resources tasks including payroll & employee benefits. In addition, Tracy works closely with each project manager to ensure project budget accountability.  

    Tracy holds a MS from Northeastern University and a BA from the University of Rhode Island.

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  • Kimberly Barnett, AIA, LEED
    617 300 0013
    Kimberly Barnett, AIA, LEED Principal


    An accomplished architect and invaluable project manager, Kim has a wide range of design experience, from residential work to complex institutional projects. Her focus on organization and consensus-building helps her facilitate the completion of complex building projects. Kim is skilled at helping clients visualize design solutions and meeting design challenges with innovative solutions. 

    Kim holds a M.Arch from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and a BA from Wesleyan University. She joined LDa in 2010 after interning with the firm in the summer of 2005. 

    Instagram: @kimjoy.of.design

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  • Douglas E. Dick, AIA, LEED BD+C
    617 500 1607
    Douglas E. Dick, AIA, LEED BD+C Principal

    Doug is one of LDa’s cofounders, and his design experience and leadership have been invaluable to the growth of the firm. Doug’s wide range of experience includes residential work, primary & secondary schools, universities, and a variety of not-for-profit organizations. His passion for environmental preservation began long before the existence of LEED and was a major focus of his undergraduate studies. Since then, Doug has maintained his commitment to protect the environment and address the issues of climate change through his design of numerous sustainable projects.  

    Doug holds a Master of Design Studies degree from Harvard University and a B.Arch from Montana State University. 


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  • Treffle LaFleche, AIA, LEED
    617 500 1608
    Treffle LaFleche, AIA, LEED Principal

    Treff is one of LDa’s cofounders and has achieved local and national recognition for his expertise in the merging of historic and contemporary aspects of New England residential and institutional architecture. His professional experience has focused on providing client-focused and context sensitive design and project management services. Treff is a creative leader in a collaborative search for appropriate design solutions and has designed multiple residences to LEED certifications. He has served as studio critic, lecturer, and instructor, including posts at the Boston Architectural Center and the University of Virginia.  

    Treff has an M.Arch from the University of Virginia and a BA from Dartmouth College. 

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Senior Associates

  • Gillian Baresich
    Senior Associate
    617 300 0017
    Gillian Baresich Senior Associate

    Gillian first discovered her passion for architecture while living in Arizona, taking inspiration from the sculptural landscape of the desert.  With a belief that different locations each have their own unique textures, she strives to design buildings that reflect and complement their surrounding context.  Prior to joining LDa, Gillian worked on a variety of residential and corporate office fit-out projects, expanding her technical skills and ability to effectively collaborate with multi-faceted teams.  

    Gillian holds a BS in Design & Architectural Studies from Arizona State University. She joined LDa in 2015. 

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  • Sara Glassman
    Senior Associate, Director of Marketing
    Sara Glassman Senior Associate, Director of Marketing

    Sara oversees the firm’s marketing efforts, with a focus on business development, brand strategy, and public relations. She works in conjunction with LDa's Marketing Manager handling the firm’s advertising, content development, and graphic design projects & materials as well as planning project photography and coordinating staging. Having held marketing roles at architecture firms since 2014, Sara enjoys working with teams to share their design process and the unique story behind each project. Prior to joining the AEC industry, she spent seven years in asset management marketing and client service.  

    Sara holds an MBA from Boston University and a BS from Trinity College (CT). She joined LDa in 2021. 

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  • Erin Tracey
    Senior Associate, Senior Interior Designer
    617 300 0002
    Erin Tracey Senior Associate, Senior Interior Designer

    Erin’s strengths lie in her ability to create exceptional experiences that capture a client’s brand, goals, and aspirations, while incorporating proven space planning concepts, innovative uses of materials and technologies, and a clear design vision. Prior to joining LDa, she spent a decade immersed in restaurant and hospitality design for some of the region’s most notable venues, bringing together developers, owners, investors and specialty consultants to coordinate an effective and cost-saving design process. Since joining the firm, Erin’s portfolio has expanded to include numerous high-end residential interiors projects, where she excels at designing spaces that are both functional and timeless. 

    Erin holds a BA from UMass Amherst. She joined LDa in 2015. 

    Instagram: @erinesteytraceydesigner

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  • Carter Williams, AIA, LEED
    Senior Associate
    617 300 0011
    Carter Williams, AIA, LEED Senior Associate

    Carter focuses on residential design and treasures the process of building personal relationships with the individuals who inhabit each home she works on, together designing architectural solutions that celebrate the uniqueness of each site, family and structure.  She is passionate about demystifying the design process, empowering her clients to articulate their own design vision and intensely collaborating with builders to translate design into reality.  Carter enjoys working across a wide range of project scales and styles, from new construction to surgical interior renovation and 18th-century farmhouses to modern urban lofts. She is an active member of Save Venice Boston and an enthusiastic supporter of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.   

    Carter holds a M.Arch from the University of Virginia School of Architecture and a BA from Dartmouth College. She joined LDa in 2008. 

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  • Ricardo Bilonick
    617 674 1870
    Ricardo Bilonick Associate

    Ricardo’s interest in design and construction began in a boat yard on the Connecticut River. It was there that he learned how materials interact, realized the importance of human scale, and discovered the conversation between function and aesthetics. Design principles from the water need little translation on land, and he has spent almost as much time building homes as he has at the desk designing them. A graduate of the Boston Architectural Center with Thesis Commendations, Ricardo has stayed active in the school as guest critic, thesis adviser, and portfolio reviewer. 

    Ricardo holds a B.Arch from Boston Architectural College. He joined LDa in 2014. 


    Instagram: @unless.noted.otherwise

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  • Brianna Boidi, NCIDQ
    Associate, Interior Designer
    Brianna Boidi, NCIDQ Associate, Interior Designer

    Bri enjoys creating special moments that get clients excited about their projects and cater to the everyday functionality of a space.  As the daughter of a real estate agent and a contractor, Bri has been passionate about residential design since a young age. Growing up she cherished the trips with her family to visit historical buildings around the country.  

    Bri holds a BFA from the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University. She joined LDa in 2018 after interning with the firm.  

    Instagram: @boidi_designs 

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  • Liz Forester
    Liz Forester Associate

    Liz enjoys the variety that comes with architecture and design, and she is energized by the challenge that comes with experiencing different project types, sizes, and clients. With a background including healthcare, commercial, and corporate interior architecture, Liz’s eclectic career has helped shape her into a diversely talented architectural designer. Liz believes that to be a successful project manager and designer, it is essential to embrace a project’s constant growth and change, adapting and pivoting as the design progresses. Through iterative design process and continuous collaboration, she strives to achieve the client’s vision and deliver a successful project. 

    Liz holds a B.Arch from Syracuse University. She joined LDa in 2021. 

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  • Alyson Grigoli, AIA
    617 300 0010
    Alyson Grigoli, AIA Associate

    Alyson has always had a passion for residential design, which inspired her to make a career of designing homes for a variety of clients. Her breadth of experience ranges from renovating a Back Bay hotel into five luxury condominiums to adding a modern kitchen to a traditional Cambridge residence. With a strong graphic design eye and a creative mind, Alyson brings enthusiasm as well as a deep understanding of working with contractors to all her projects.  

    Alyson holds a M.Arch from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BFA from UMass Amherst. She joined LDa in 2013. 

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  • Peter Makrauer, LEED
    617 300 0003
    Peter Makrauer, LEED Associate

    Peter brings his passion for the built and natural environment to every project; whether an institutional, commercial or residential project, he strives for every design to provide an opportunity for improved relationships between our own human ecology and the natural ecologies that sustain us. Prior to joining LDa, Peter spent three years focused on high performance building design, and while in graduate school, he worked to establish a student-run design build firm and explore the potential of sustainable design in Education. 

    Peter holds a M.Arch from the University of Oregon and a BA from Middlebury College. He joined LDa in 2012. 

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  • Bjorn Slate
    Bjorn Slate Associate

    Bjorn has more than 20 years of experience designing and managing the construction of super-custom homes. He brings a keen design sensibility and friendly, diplomatic manner to each of the projects he’s involved with, always striving for complete client satisfaction. Bjorn’s experience prior to joining LDa includes running his own architectural practice in Westchester, NY and working with other award-winning firms in the area.

    Bjorn holds a BA in Architecture from Columbia University and Masters degree in architecture from MIT. He joined LDa in 2023.

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Professional Staff

  • Sabrina Afrin
    Sabrina Afrin Designer

    Sabrina believes that solid programming and respecting environmental circumstances are the first priority when designing a project. Growing up and working in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she developed a deep understanding of the relationship between culture and architecture and how it can manifest in the growth and design of communities.   

    Sabrina holds a M.Arch from UMass Amherst. She joined LDa in 2018. 

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  • Jenna Carruba
    Junior Interior Designer
    Jenna Carruba Junior Interior Designer

    Jenna enjoys creating designs that blend function and beauty. What began as an interest in residential architecture grew into a passion for exploring the countless possibilities of a space and design’s essential role in the human experience. Jenna’s architectural training enhances her work in interior design as she strives to connect with clients and bring their spaces to life in a way that represents their unique personalities.

     Jenna has a BS in Architecture from Roger Williams University and an MA in Interior Architecture from Suffolk University. She joined LDa in 2023.

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  • Miguel Castro
    Miguel Castro Designer

    Miguel's diverse design interests were inspired by his experience growing up in both rural and urban environments. He obtained an education in architecture with practice in structural framing, where he became interested in the detailing of buildings. Miguel enjoys transforming ideas into reality through design iterations, client interaction, and collaborative work with mentors and peers.  

    Miguel holds a M.Arch from Boston Architectural College and a B.Arch from Catholic University of America. He joined LDa in 2018. 

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  • Daniel Deodato, RA
    Daniel Deodato, RA Designer

    Daniel developed an interest in architecture from a young age—as the son of a home builder, he spent much of his life on the jobsite gaining firsthand experience in the residential construction process. He appreciates the architect’s unique ability to capture a client’s core values and aspirations through his design of the built environment.  

    Daniel holds a M.Arch and B. Arch from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He joined LDa in 2021. 

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  • Julia Edgerton
    Julia Edgerton Designer

    Julia enjoys traveling and experiencing how the history, culture, and general context of a place can inform design as a whole. She’s interested in studying architecture from the past and exploring how we can design for the future—creating buildings that will be beautiful, functional, and sustainable for years to come. Julia’s project experience includes high end residential design throughout New England. 

    Julia holds a BS.Arch & M.Arch from Wentworth Institute of Technology. She joined LDa in 2022.

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  • Erin French
    Erin French Designer

    Erin enjoys the process of combining art with science to create spaces that are not only functional but also enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. She appreciates working with clients to understand how they will use the space and then approaching the project as the pursuit of a common goal. Erin’s experience prior to joining LDa includes high-end residential work on Cape Code as well as commercial and municipal projects in New Hampshire.

    Erin holds a BS in Architecture from Keene State College. She joined LDa in 2023.

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  • Parvaaz Godara
    Parvaaz Godara Designer

    Parvaaz was drawn to architecture at a young age, when she developed an interest in designing structures according to how users would experience their surroundings. In architecture school, her thesis was inspired by the endless types of interaction that are possible within architecture. 

    Parvaaz received her M.Arch from Boston Architectural College after earning a B.Arch in New Delhi, India. She joined LDa in 2019. 

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  • Natasha Martin
    Junior Interior Designer
    617 674 1869
    Natasha Martin Junior Interior Designer

    Natasha enjoys connecting with clients to create spaces that reflect their personalities and everyday lives. She is passionate about sustainability and enjoys enhancing her designs with references to their surrounding environment. Natasha’s interest in design stems from being the daughter of an interior designer and spending two years living in Europe, which heightened her appreciation of architecture.  Prior to joining LDa, she worked on luxury residential projects in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida.

    Natasha holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Suffolk University. She joined LDa in 2024.

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  • Paola Mondino
    Senior Interior Designer
    Paola Mondino Senior Interior Designer

    Paola’s unique approach to design and adaptive reuse is rooted in her background in the clinical and research field, and her strengths lie at the intersection of architecture, interiors, and psychology. She is continuously inspired by the way a space affects an individual’s emotion and behavior, just as the human experience plays a pivotal role in the design process itself.  Prior to joining LDa, Paola worked for residential firms in Newport, RI and Brooklyn, NY.  

    Paola holds a Master of Design in Interior Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida International University, and a Certificate in Interior Design from the University of Miami. She joined LDa in 2019. 

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  • Alex Monteforte
    Alex Monteforte Designer

    Alex’s interest in architecture started at a young age, as he naturally enjoyed drawing buildings and skyscrapers. This passion only grew as he pursued his interest and obtained an education in architecture. Alex enjoys when design is rooted in the blending of art and functionality and strives to find beautiful and creative ways to meet people’s needs. Prior to joining LDa, Alex spent five years designing custom residential homes in downtown historic Portsmouth and the lakes region of New Hampshire.

    Alex holds a BS in Architecture from Keene State College. He joined LDa in 2022.

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  • Ben Strong
    Ben Strong Designer

    Ben’s passion for architecture and design stems from a love of woodworking and carpentry. With experience in residential, commercial, and healthcare design, he loves watching the design process unfold, bringing somewhat static plans to life through iteration and refinement. Ben enjoys making models and is particularly skilled at digital fabrication.   

    Ben holds a M.Arch degree from the Boston Architectural College.  He joined LDa in 2021 

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